Departures every Thursday to Sunday from July 1st to August 31st!

Our RIB boat line takes you quickly and smoothly to and from all these destinations.


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Kolmårdens djurpark

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Timetable & prices summer 2021

Norrköping-Fyrudden 1 Time
Norrköping 09:00
Lindö 09:19
Esterön 09:21
Sandviken 09:25
Arkösund arrival 10:02
Arkösund departure 10:30
Kopparholmarna 10:33
Aspöja 10:40
Tyrislöt 10:55
Gräsmarö 11:02
Harstena arrival 11:04
Harstena departure 11:15
Häradskär arrival 11:27
Häradskär departure 11:38
Fyrudden ankomst 11:50
Fyrudden-Arkösund 2 Time
Fyrudden departure 13:00
Häradskär arrival 13:09
Häradskär departure 13:19
Harstena arrival 13:31
Harstena departure 13:40
Gräsmarö 13:43
Tyrislöt 13:50
Aspöja 14:05
Kopparholmarna 14:12
Arkösund arrival 14:15
Arkösund-Fyrudden 3 Tid
Arkösund departure 14:30
Kopparholmarna 14:33
Aspöja 14:40
Tyrislöt 14:55
Gräsmarö 15:02
Harstena arrival 15:04
Harstena departure 15:15
Häradskär arrival 15:27
Häradskär departure 15:38
Fyrudden arrival 15:50
Fyrudden- Norrköping 4 Time
Fyrudden departure 16:15
Häradskär arrival 16:24
Häradskär departure 16:34
Harstena arrival 16:47
Harstena departure 17:00
Gräsmarö 17:03
Tyrislöt 17:10
Aspöja 17:25
Kopparholmarna 17:32
Arkösund arrival 17:35
Arkösund departure 17:45
Sandviken 18:23
Esterön 18:27
Lindö 18:29
Norrköping 18:48

1 ZONE at the FULL price 200kr

ZONES 2-5 at HALF the price = +SEK 100 per additional ZONE

ZONE Norrköping  Esterön  Sandviken  Kolmården
ZONE Kolmården  Arkösund
ZONE Arkösund  Kopparholmarna  Aspöja
ZONE Aspöja  Tyrislöt  Gräsmarö  Harstena
ZONE Harstena  Häradskär  Fyrudden

Children up to the age of 12 travel at half price

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