Conditions for the Bråvikslinjen

General terms and conditions

To buy travel, you need to be at least 15 years old. The tickets are not personal. Persons under the age of 15 are not allowed to travel without adult company. We reserve the right for any errors in price and texts.

Location access

The RIB boat takes 12 passengers.

Cancelled tour

The ship's master is responsible for safety, if there is a case when the tour needs to be cancelled due to bad weather, we have the right to do just that. Information about the cancellation will be communicated as soon as the decision is made. If such a case occurs, we will make a refund, which may take up to five business days.

Booking of a ticket

Booking a ticket is mandatory and guarantees you a seat on the boat. On the boat there are 12 seats. You can book your ticket in different ways:

Via website Brå
You are entitled to a free REBOOKING
NOTE: Tickets must be PRE-BOOKED as we do not always operate stops that do not have a booking.


We use Klarna Checkout as a payment solution. You can pay by card, invoice, or bank transfer. By clicking on "Confirm Booking", you agree to Klarna's terms and conditions of purchase Please note that at the time of purchase a credit check is made which in some cases means that a credit report is taken. You will then receive a copy of the credit report by post. More information and full terms and conditions about Klarna's payment method can be found on For information about your payment, contact Klarna Customer Service You can also see your invoices and their payment status on, under "My pages".


Children: 0 - 12years
Adult: 13-120years


One hand luggage per person (backpack/cooler or similar counts as hand luggage) may be taken on board, included in the ticket price. To bring larger packing e.g. stroller or similar contact us for more information.

Children on board

Of course, your children are welcome to go with us. We have no age limits when it comes to children, but up to 15 years in adult company and younger children should be able to stay in during the trip as the boat travels fast. We can recommend from about 6-7 years, but here it is your responsibility as a parent to anticipate what your child can do.


We lend life jackets and googles (windproof glasses) to all travelers on all of our trips. If it is autumn/spring, we also lend you our comfortable float overalls that will keep you warm and dry in all weathers. It is of course allowed to use your own life jacket. In case of torrential rain, we lend rain poncho to anyone who wants to. Note no one rides with us without a life jacket.


It is allowed to bring your pet on the boat. Best is to have a transport bag so that the animal does not run freely. If it is a larger pet, it is a matter of place/agreement that applies.


You as a customer of the company are entitled to a free rebooking/ticket, this must be done no later than two hours before the departure time of the trip. In case of cancellation, no refund is given, we would prefer that cancellation is made at least two hours before departure time.


Compensation = Cancellation due to weather, delay over 1 hour or other problems caused by the company are primarily reimbursed in the form of a new trip, secondly a refund. Non-compensation = Force majeure


Please see contact us for contact details

Handling of personal data/GDPR

In order for us to provide our services to you, we need to process your personal data. Below you will find information about what we use your data for.

Type of personal data we collect

Contact details When you become a customer with us, we collect contact information: name, email address, telephone number. For some traveler categories, we also collect year of birth. Some payment methods require us to collect social security numbers and/or addresses. This information can be collected directly from you, or from other sources, such as the Population Register. Information about your services We also store data about which of our services you order and use and how you use it. Support matters When you contact our customer service, we collect the information you provide to us in order for us to help you with your case.

We use personal data for this

Provision of services. We process personal data to identify you as a customer and to handle and deliver the services you have ordered. As well as personal information required to handle invoicing and payment of the services you use. Communication and support. We may use personal information from previous contact with us to be able to give you better help. We use your contact information and information about which services you use as a basis for invoices, newsletters, important information about your services, offers and tips on how you can use our services. Development of our services and products. We process personal data about how you use our services and from contact with us as a basis for improving your experience specifically and our services in general. Marketing In order to be able to market relevant products and services to you according to your needs, we process personal data about which services you use use and how to use them. Security and prevention of abuse. We process personal data for the purpose of detecting and preventing the subsequent misuse of our services, fraud or other offenses, as well as the use of our services that violate our terms. Statutory obligations We process personal data for the purpose of complying with the requirements set by law.

This is how long we save personal data

We store personal information for up to two years after your last use of our services.

To whom do we disclose personal information

We strive to never share more personal information than absolutely necessary with each partner. Depending on which services each customer uses, tasks are shared with partners to different extents. According to the purposes below, we may share certain data with the following partners and subcontractors. For marketing and analysis purposes

Google Analytics data through third-party marketing and web analytics cookies to improve our services. In order to deliver ordered services Link MobilityTelephone number for SMS sending. Senzum IT ServicesTelephone number or e-mail address to handle customer service matters in the contact center. In order to charge for our services DNBData required for manual repayments via Bankgiro.iZettleData required to make a card payment.KlarnaData required to make a card or bank payment.Data required to send a paper invoice.SwishData required to make a bank payment. Upon request, we may, according to law and government decisions, be obliged to disclose certain personal data to, for example, the Police.

This is how we protect your personal information

We use industry standards to store, process and communicate sensitive information such as personal data and passwords securely. For example, SSL / TLS and one-way hash algorithms. The personal data assistant is Björns Båttransporter AB. Björns Båttransporter AB's staff are bound by confidentiality agreements and only process the information their assignment requires. Björns Båttransporter AB has policies and safety routines for, among other things:

Information security

incident management

risk analysis

software updates

secure configuration and management of devices

offices and server halls

software development

education and training

You decide over your personal information

You decide over your own personal information. This means that you decide which information you want to provide and which processing of your personal data you approve, and you can revoke your consent whenever you wish. Please note, however, that we need certain personal information in order to provide our services to you. If you choose to revoke your consent, it may mean that we can not provide all our services to you.

This is how we process your personal data when you are no longer a customer

When you cancel your account, or have been inactive for more than two years, we delete all your personal data where there is no longer any purpose for further processing. What is removed, among other things, are your ...

.. names and contact details of bookings.

... email or phone number in our history of sent booking confirmations.

... personal data in our CRM system.

... backups of the above will be removed according to our backup schedule.

Among the things that are not removed are:


Data on travel distances and booking dates

Contact information for personal data representatives

E-mail Postal address Björns Båttransporter AB Data Protection Officer Djurövägen 123 605 91 Norrköping

About us

Bråvikslinjen is now in its third year. The ambition has always been that everyone who wants to should be able to experience the archipelago, boating and nature. We care about our guests and love to make people happy and give them memories for life!

The boat

This season we have a new RIB boat that comes from Vector Boats, it is 37 feet long and weighs about 6 tons fully loaded. The boat currently has 12 places but will eventually be expanded to 22 places! Two double diesel outboards of the Cox brand will push us forward with a full 1300 Newton meters and 600 horsepower, all to take us quickly and smoothly around our beautiful archipelago.

Equipment on board

-VHF (fixed and portable)


-Dark camera

-Fire extinguisher

-Fire pump / bilge pump


-First aid

The crew

The crew always consists of at least two people. It is mainly the company's founder Björn and his partner Erika who drive / navigate. Training is required to operate the boat commercially. We are trained in Ship Commander Class 8 and HSF (Operation of fast ships). Björn also has a training in Engineer Class 8 which is required by at least one of the crew at higher engine power.

Our educations are also included

-Fire safety
-MOB (man overboard)